Jules Massenet: Massenet: Don César de Bazan (1888 version)

Massenet / Ensemble Aedes / Romano: Don Cesar de Bazan
Title: Massenet: Don César de Bazan (1888 version)
Label: Naxos Opera Classics

Don César de Bazan is an opéra-comique with a narrative of dashing Spanish chivalry and romance. It's plot revolves around deception and comedies of reversed identity, with a struggle between true nobility and wicked selfishness maintaining an animated momentum throughout. This was the young Jules Massenet's first full-length opera and yet it is filled with the composer's mature symphonic style, his gift for melody, feeling for the picturesque, and vivacity of rhythm. These distinctive qualities reveal an operatic feast whose time has at last arrived. Conductor Mathieu Romano works within all genres from the Baroque to the contemporary, both on the concert stage and in opera. Romano has worked with ensembles such as the RIAS Kammerchor and the Latvian Radio Choir, and on operatic productions with Les Frivolités Parisiennes and contemporary projects with Ensemble Itinéraire. He also works with the Nederlands Kamerkoor, the Normandy Regional Orchestra, Les Siècles and Sinfonia Varsovia. He regularly appears with Ensemble Aedes, of which he is the founder and artistic director. His discography includes a number of acclaimed releases devoted to choral repertoire.

1.1 Don César de Bazan (1888 Version)
1.2 1. Ouverture
1.3 2. Act I Scene 1: Introduction: De`S Que Ton Tambour Sonne - Ballade Aragonaise: Par Un Frais Sentier (Chorus, Maritana)
1.4 3. Act I Scene 1: Scène, Prière Et Strette: C'est Elle!... - Scene 2: Mélodie: L'amour, Un Amour Implacable (Charles II, Don José, Maritana, Chorus)
1.5 4. Act I Scene 4: Air: Partout Ou` L'on Chante (Don César)
1.6 5. Act I Scene 6: Quartet: Le Voila`! - Scene 7: Il Est Trop Tard! (Captain, Don César, Lazarille, Don José)
1.7 6. Act I Scene 8: Finale: Bohe`Me Charmante - Scene 9: Peut-E
Tre... (Chorus, Maritana, Don José, Don César, Alcade, Lazarille)
1.8 7. Act II: Entr'acte
1.9 8. Act II Scene 1: Berceuse: Dors, Ami (Lazarille)
1.10 9. Act II Scene 1: Couplets: Riche, J'ai Seme´ Les Richesses (Don César)
1.11 10. Act II Scene 2: Duo: Me Marier! (Don César, Don José)
1.12 11. Act II Scene 6: Chanson de Matalobos: À Boire, Amis - Scene 7: Lecture de L'arrêt: de Par Notre Seigneur - Scene 8: Pas Un Mot! - Madrigal: en Vous (Don César, Chorus, Soldier, Judge, Don José)
1.13 12. Act II Scene 9: Romance: Rien Ne Peut Le Défendre (Lazarille)
1.14 13. Act II Scene 10: Finale: Grand Dieu! - Scene 11: Personne! (Maritana, Don José, Chorus, Lazarille, Don César)
1.15 1. Act III: Entr'acte Sevillana
1.16 2. Act III Scene 1: Romance: Cette Splendeur (Maritana, Chorus)
1.17 3. Act III Scene 2: Cavatine: Que de Ta Le`Vre en Fleur (Charles II)
1.18 4. Act III Scene 3: Duo: Qui Je Suis? (Don César, Charles II)
1.19 5. Act III Scene 5: Duo: Je M'en Souviens (Don César, Maritana)
1.20 6. Act IV: Entr'acte
1.21 7. Act IV Scene 1: Duo Nocturne: Aux Cœurs Les Plus Trouble´S (Lazarille, Maritana)
1.22 8. Act IV Scene 3: Melodrama: Je Pe´Ne´Trai - Trio: Je Vous L'ai Dit - Scene 4: Finale: Le Roi! (Don César, Charles II, Maritana, Chorus, Lazarille)

Jules Massenet: Massenet: Don César de Bazan (1888 version)

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