Master Plan Inc.

Master Plan Inc.: Master Plan Inc

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Product Type: CD

Title: Master Plan Inc
Label: Jazzman

A whole album of previously-unreleased soul and funk gems from Master Plan Inc., recorded 1973-1984. a band from Chicago led by Fred Shorts. With just one single to their name - an uber-rarity rated at over $2,000 - nobody had any idea that within the confines of a studio archive and Shorts' private residence there would be a wealth of other recordings on acetate, reel-to-reel tape and cassette. Despite Jazzman's 24/7 commitment to search for such material, such a find is very rare indeed, coming up only once every few years. Yet what marks this as so special is that only when these soulful treasures had been fully excavated did it come to light that the quality of the music would make for a complete album of astonishingly high quality - most albums have one or two gems padded out with filler, but here we have the real deal - gem after gem after gem. And all previously-unreleased! If you're into modern soul, '70s funk, smooth mid-tempo crossover dancers or high-energy funk blasts, you're in for a treat. CD comes with a 16-page booklet with liner notes and previously-unpublished photographs.

1.1 Master Plan Intro
1.2 Heartbreaker
1.3 Something to Be Done
1.4 Bag Up
1.5 Try It, You'll Like It
1.6 You
1.7 Something to Be Done [Brunswick Version] [Version]
1.8 Younger Generation
1.9 Bright Lights, Big City
1.10 Special Love
1.11 For the Brothers [Demo Version]
1.12 Time Is Passing By [Demo Version]
1.13 Valerie [Demo Version]
1.14 How Slick Is Slick
1.15 Party Hearty [Demo Version]
1.16 You Turn Me on
1.17 Special Love [Demo Version]

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