Matchbox: Albums 1979-1982

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Matchbox

Title: Albums 1979-1982
Label: Glam / 7T's

Four CD box set rounding up all of rockabilly revival band Matchbox's recordings for Magnet Records between 1979 and 1982. Disc One is their self-titled debut for the label which reached #44 in the UK chart. Now comes with four bonus tracks including two recorded under the name of Cyclone. The second disc is 1980's Midnite Dynamos album which reached #23 in the British charts. The eight bonus cuts include the #15 hit 'Over The Rainbow/You Belong To Me' as well as two ultra-rare Japanese only singles. Disc Three is the Flying Colours album. The final disc is the 1982 LP Crossed Line, released here on CD for the first time. It features the #63 hit single 'One More Saturday Night' plus their collaboration with the late Kirsty MacColl on 'I Want Out'. Housed in a sturdy clam shell box, each disc comes in a card wallet depicting the original LP art on the front. The 20-page booklet comes complete with in-depth liner notes plus pictures of all relevant singles sleeves and memorabilia.

1.1 Rockabilly Rebel
1.2 Buzz Buzz a Diddle It
1.3 Seventeen
1.4 Tell Me How
1.5 Hurricane
1.6 Everybody Needs a Little Love
1.7 Rockin' at the Ritz
1.8 Hi-Fly Woman
1.9 Love Is Going Out of Fashion
1.10 Poor Boy
1.11 Lord Mr. Ford
1.12 Black Slacks
1.13 Mad Rush
1.14 I Don't Wanna Boogie Alone
1.15 Palisades Park
1.16 Crazy Haze
2.1 Midnite Dynamos
2.2 Shocked N Shattered
2.3 Checkin' Out
2.4 C'mon Let's Go
2.5 Marie Marie
2.6 Southern Boys
2.7 Back-Row Romeo
2.8 Sixteen Chicks
2.9 Sweet Lolita
2.10 When You Ask About Love
2.11 Jelly Roll
2.12 Back Here in Boston
2.13 Stranger in Nevada
2.14 Love Is Going Out of Fashion (New Version)
2.15 Scotted Dick
2.16 You've Made a Fool of Me
2.17 Over the Rainbow / You Belong to Me
2.18 Don't Break Up the Party
2.19 Stay Cool
2.20 I'm a Lover Man
2.21 Little Lonely Girl
3.1 Love's Made a Fool of You
3.2 Heartaches By the Number
3.3 Angels on Sunday
3.4 Lone Star Dreamers
3.5 Bonaparte's Retreat
3.6 Whiplash
3.7 Babe's in the Wood
3.8 Don't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes
3.9 You're the One
3.10 24 Hours
3.11 Wish I'd Never (Said Hello)
3.12 Arabella's on Her Way
3.13 Tokyo Joe
3.14 Springheel Jack
3.15 City Women
4.1 One More Saturday Night
4.2 I Ain't Taking No Prisoners
4.3 Crossed Line
4.4 Mad Bad ; Dangerous
4.5 I Want Out (Featuring Kirsty MacColl)
4.6 Rollin' on
4.7 Riding the Night
4.8 Gate Crashing
4.9 Hot Loving
4.10 Dreamers Sometimes Do
4.11 Mean 'N' Evil
4.12 Ain't Much Fun
4.13 Heaven Can Wait

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