Materdea: Pyaneta

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Materdea

Artist: Materdea
Title: Pyaneta
Product Type: VINYL LP

Following the direction started with the previous "A Rose for Egeria", this new record is a further step forward into the melting of metal and celtic music, in that personal own style that Materdea's fans will acknowledge and love once more.

1.1 Back to Earth
1.2 The Return of the King
1.3 One Thousand and One Nights
1.4 Pyaneta
1.5 Neverland
1.6 S' Accabadora
1.7 The Legend of the Pale Mountains
1.8 Legacy of the Woods
1.9 Coven of Balzaares
1.10 Metamorphosis
1.11 Bourrè Del Diavolo

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