Matthew Shipp

Matthew Shipp: Matthew Shipp

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Artist: Matthew Shipp

Artist: Matthew Shipp
Title: Matthew Shipp

Matthew Shipp, stepping away from his electronic poclivities, delves deep into the original format that first gave birth to the very idea of jazz itself: The absolute freedom of an acoustic session. Joined by Whit Dickey on drums and Joe Morris on bass, Matthew's compositions ring with fresh new material that shows his expansive musical vocabulary. His trademark piano playing is, as always, beyond par and the bass/drum interplay is nothing short of deep musical conversation. The real star is Shipp and his piano. This album is a testament to Shipp's uncontested mastery of the instrument.

1.1 Piano Vortex
1.2 Keyswing
1.3 The New Circumstance
1.4 Nooks and Corners
1.5 Sliding Through Space
1.6 Quivering with Speed
1.7 Slips Through the Fingers
1.8 To Vitalize

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