Matthew Sweet

Matthew Sweet: In Reverse / Blue Sky On Mars

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Matthew Sweet

Title: In Reverse / Blue Sky On Mars
Label: Retroworld

Matthew Sweet is an American singer-songwriter and musician who skilfully navigates the line between the power pop underground and the mainstream end of alternative rock. He was part of the burgeoning music scene in Athens, Georgia, during the 1980s before achieving commercial success in the 1990s. These two albums date from the 1990s and are released here as a 2 CD package at mid-price. In Reverse is a psychedelic album which featured Wall of Sound tracks, including the singles "What Matters" and "Trade Places. " The album is noteworthy for it's 10-minute closing track, "Thunderstorm," which is a combination of several demos. Blue Sky On Mars is a new-wave album which features the synth-laden singles "Where You Get Love" and "Come to California. " The music video for the former featured Sweet as an astronaut traveling through outer space. As a side project, Sweet has released three albums of cover versions "Under The Covers" recorded with Susanna Hoffs, co-founder of The Bangles.

1.1 Come to California
1.2 Back to You
1.3 Where You Get Love
1.4 Hollow
1.5 Behind the Smile
1.6 Until You Break
1.7 Over It
1.8 Heaven and Earth
1.9 All Over My Head
1.10 Into Your Drug
1.11 Make Believe
1.12 Missing Time
1.13 If It's Happening You'll Know It
1.14 Close Inside
1.15 Final Hour
2.1 Millennium Blues
2.2 If Time Permits
2.3 Beware My Love
2.4 Faith in You
2.5 Hide
2.6 Future Shock
2.7 Split Personality
2.8 I Should Never Have Let You Know
2.9 Trade Places
2.10 What Matters
2.11 Write Your Own Song
2.12 Worse to Live
2.13 Untitled
2.14 Thunderstorm

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