Matthias Meyer

Matthias Meyer: Strangely Enough

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Matthias Meyer

Title: Strangely Enough
Label: Strangely Enough
Product Type: VINYL LP

Strangely Enough is the long-awaited label project from Matthias Meyer. As an artist Meyer is renown for his storied, emotion laden DJ sets, regularly linking multiple genres with considerable aplomb. His new moniker is an effort to transmit this recognizable style to his musical productions. From deep house to breakbeat, Meyer will indulge his varied tastes all the while keeping it under the umbrella of his distinguished style. The label kicks off with two original productions from Matthias himself, "Strangely Enough" and "Fantazy". The title track "Strangely Enough" is a quintessential Matthias Meyer effort. Combining a dark, vibrant groove with haunting vocal snippets, it perfectly encapsulates his mission for the new imprint. As a composition, it sits in that indefinable space between the dancefloor and the after party, a powerful weapon in the right hands. "Fantazy", the B side of the EP, follows no fixed form. It is a jaunt from breaks to driving house with an emotive breakdown which prompts thoughts of escapism from the structures of modern music. It is often remarked that fantasy is the creative measure of a man, and in this cause that assertion runs true, with Meyer showcasing his wide musical palate.

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