Winnick Maurice

Winnick Maurice: You Hit the Spot

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Winnick Maurice

Artist: Winnick Maurice
Title: You Hit the Spot

1.1 So Ashamed
1.2 Till Tomorrow
1.3 You'll Always Be the Same Sweetheart
1.4 When My Little Pomeranian Met Your Little Pekinese
1.5 Do You Recall?
1.6 Can't We Meet Again?
1.7 Hold Up Your Hands in the Name of the Law of Love
1.8 Far Away in Shanty Town
1.9 Getting Around and About
1.10 Alone
1.11 You Hit the Spot
1.12 The Sunset Trail
1.13 Please Believe Me
1.14 Poor Little Angeline
1.15 Colleen - Selection: Introduction, You Gotta Know How to Dance, An Evening with You, I Don't Have to Dream Again
1.16 You
1.17 A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody
1.18 At the Cafe Continental
1.19 On the Beach at Bali-Bali
1.20 Your Heart and Mine
1.21 Laughing Irish Eyes
1.22 My Heart's in Old Killarney
1.23 Across the Great Divide
1.24 By the Waters of Minnetonka
1.25 It's the Bluest Kind of Blues

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