Maybird: Things I Remember From Earth

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Artist: Maybird

Artist: Maybird
Title: Things I Remember From Earth
Product Type: VINYL LP

Fusing expansive psychedelia with evocative roots rock accents, Maybird are originally from Rochester, New York. The group was formed by Josh Netsky, a singer and songwriter who released four independent albums and performed frequently on the East Coast. Soon, The Josh Netsky Band's indie folk sound gave way to something more exploratory. The group relocated to Brooklyn, adapted the new name Maybird, and finally settled on a stable lineup, with the Netsky brothers, Sam Snyder, Kurt Johnson, and James Preston. In 2013, Maybird made their recording debut with an ambitious independent album, Down and Under. As Maybird developed a following on the East Coast, they were approached by producer Danger Mouse, who had heard and enjoyed Down and Under. Danger Mouse asked Maybird to sign with his new label, 30th Century Records, and the group's first project for 30th Century, the EP Turning Into Water, was released in April 2016. A second EP, Unravelling, featuring production by the Black Keys' Patrick Carney appeared the following year. Now, their debut album Things I Remember From Earth, is slated to release on May 3, 2019.

1.1 In Technicolor (For the First Time) - 3:40
1.2 To You - 2:54
1.3 Gonna Lose Your Mind - 3:36
1.4 Montreal - 1:47
1.5 Don't Keep Me Around - 3:17
1.6 Nothing Lasts Forever - 4:56
1.7 Sorry to Bore You - 4:01
1.8 The Damages - 3:42
1.9 When I Find My Way Out of the Circle - 2:17
1.10 Things I Remember - 6:14

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