Mc5: High Time

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Artist: Mc5

Artist: Mc5
Title: High Time
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited vinyl LP pressing. High Time is the second studio album (and third album overall) by the American rock band MC5, originally released in 1971 by Atlantic Records. Lenny Kaye, writing for Rolling Stone, called the album "the first record that comes close to telling the tale of their legendary reputation and attendant charisma." In his retrospective review, Mark Deming called it "MC5's most accessible album, but still highly idiosyncratic and full of well-written, solidly played tunes while less stridently political than their other work, musically it's as uncompromising as anything they ever put to wax and would have given them much greater opportunities to subvert America's youth if the kids had ever had the chance to hear it."

1.1 Sister Anne
1.2 Baby Won't Ya
1.3 Miss X
1.4 Gotta Keep Movin'
1.5 Future/Now
1.6 Poison
1.7 Over and Over
1.8 Skunk (Sonicly Speaking)

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