McGuffie Bill

McGuffie Bill: Piano & String Orch./Strange Ench

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Product Type: CD
Artist: McGuffie Bill

Artist: McGuffie Bill
Title: Piano & String Orch./Strange Ench

1.1 You Make Me Feel So Young
1.2 Three Coins in the Fountain
1.3 Emanuelle
1.4 I've Got You Under My Skin
1.5 You My Love
1.6 I'll Get By
1.7 Come Fly with Me
1.8 The Great Pretender
1.9 This I Find Is Beautiful
1.10 Account for Bassie
1.11 Another Suitcase in Another Hall
1.12 My Way
1.13 You Are My Dearest Love
1.14 What's New Pussycat
1.15 I Looked Around
1.16 So Deep Is the Night
1.17 Innamorati a Venezia
1.18 Boy on a Dolphin
1.19 Strange Enchantment
1.20 Every Wich Way But Loose
1.21 Bless You for Being An Angel
1.22 I Still See You
1.23 I'll Take Good Care of You
1.24 Alma Llanera

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