McPhee, Tony / Groundhogs

McPhee, Tony / Groundhogs: Who Said Cherry Red

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Product Type: CD

Title: Who Said Cherry Red
Label: Talking Elephant

Tony McPhee and the Groundhogs showcase live versions of some of their obscure songs originally released on the Indigo label and a must have for all Groundhogs fans. For all the live albums and compilations around this has to be one of the best for something different. Includes live material from his solo album Two Sides of and rarites that have never been heard live for many a year

1.1 (A) Rocking Chair (B) Man Trouble
1.2 (B) Married Men
1.3 (A) BDD (B) Times (C) Natchez Burning
1.4 (A) Status People (B) Rich Man Poor Man (C) Darkness Is No Friend
1.5 (A) Junkman (B) a Year in the Life
1.6 (A) Sad Is the Hunter
1.7 (B) You Had a Lesson (C) Earth Shanty
1.8 (D) Mr Hooker Sir John

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