Mean Streak: Declaration of War

Mean Streak: Declaration of War
Title: Declaration of War
Label: Black Lodge Records

2011 sophomore album from the Swedish Metallers. Mean Streak's debut album, Metal Slave (2009) caused a big stir in the world of Metal with their '80s influenced Heavy Metal. Rewarded with amazing reviews, the band started to get a lot of airplay, including a couple of songs aired on Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson's show on BBC 6.

1.1 Declaration of War
1.2 In for the Kill
1.3 Crimson Sky
1.4 The End of the Rainbow
1.5 As You Sow You Shall Reap
1.6 No Mans Land
1.7 Brothers Til the End
1.8 Sons of Metal
1.9 Sign in the Sky
1.10 History of Lies
1.11 The Oblation

Mean Streak: Declaration of War

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