Mecca Normal: Empathy for the Evil

Mecca Normal: Empathy for the Evil
Title: Empathy for the Evil
Label: M'lady's
Product Type: VINYL LP

M'lady's is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of the first new album in eight years from Mecca Normal. Jean Smith and David Lester have once again rang the alarm, with nine new pieces that form an exquisite song cycle. Mecca Normal's art and music has blown minds around the world for many years now, inspiring people to rattle punk orthodoxy as well as injecting a much-needed blast of intelligence, poise, and imagination into the sometimes listless underground discourse. Producer Kramer plays bass on all tracks and organ here and there.

1.1 Art Was the Great Leveler
1.2 What's Your Name
1.3 Wasn't Said
1.4 Between Livermore and Tracy
1.5 Normal
1.6 One Man's Anger
1.7 Naked and Ticklish
1.8 Maisy's Death
1.9 Odele's Bath

Mecca Normal: Empathy for the Evil

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