Medeski, Martin & Wood

Medeski, Martin & Wood: Radiolatians 2

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Product Type: CD

Title: Radiolatians 2
Label: Indirecto Records

A year ago, Medeski Martin & Wood set off on the innovative experiment known as the RADIOLARIAN series. The RADIOLARIAN series was designed to subvert the age-old music industry cycle of write record tour. The trio, consisting of keyboardist John Medeski, drummer Billy Martin and bassist Chris Wood, convened for brief writing retreats, performed only the new material on tour, and then recorded the music immediately after getting off the road. Part of a trio of records, RADIOLARIAN 2 is now available.

1.1 Flat Tires
1.2 Junkyard
1.3 Padirecto
1.4 Ijiji
1.5 Riffin' Ed
1.6 Amber Girls
1.7 Chasen Vs Suribachi
1.8 Dollar Pants
1.9 Amish Pinxtos
1.10 Baby, Let Me Follow You Down

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