Meliah Rage

Meliah Rage: Idol Hands

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Meliah Rage

Title: Idol Hands
Label: Metal on Metal Recs

2018 release. The ninth studio album from these legendary power thrashers from Boston features some of the most inspired songwriting in the band's history. It also marks the return of Paul Souza, and with him the top-notch quality of the vocals. His more melodic voice has a good range and displays the much-needed grit and aggression, perfectly fitting and complementing the music. Enough can't be said about the guitars - there's so much riff goodness here that it could serve several albums! Overall, it's a more riff-driven and heavy album with less clean and acoustic guitar parts, but subsequent listens will reveal the intricacy of the compositions. The duo of Anthony Nichols and Jim Koury laid down some serious guitar work here, and the hard-hitting drums sound mighty powerful. All this is rounded off with flawless production - very clear, distinct and heavy at the same time. Without trying to sound retro, Idol Hands packs the same intensity as the band's classic albums, and should not be missed by fans of Metallica, Metal Church, Wargasm, Xentrix, Flotsam And Jetsam, Heretic and Testament.

1.1 The Kill-All Rule
1.2 Dark As Your Thoughts
1.3 Idol Hands
1.4 Crushed Beneath My Heel
1.5 Sentenced to Life
1.6 Absolute Power
1.7 Infernal Bleeding
1.8 Where Darkness Lies

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