Members: One Law

Members: One Law
Title: One Law
Label: Anglocentric

2016 release, the fifth album by the veteran British punk band. The Members, originally formed in Surrey in 1977, were a favorite of the late great John Peel. In their five page spread on the band, Record Collector magazine called The Members 'The Dazzling, Resurrected Punk Band who Coined the Phrase 'Sound of the Suburbs and played reggae better than The Clash.' One Law is an exploration of life in current times embracing, amongst other things, themes of suburban despair, social media distraction and urban gentrification. Musically it's an eclectic mix of pop, punk, disco, surf instrumental and from the band a dose of what else but Baltic reggae.

1.1 Emotional Triggers
1.2 Chelsea Aggro
1.3 Robin Hood in Reverse
1.4 Work the Nightshift
1.5 Apathy in the UK
1.6 Incident in Surbiton
1.7 Down to the Airport
1.8 Big Black Dog (Here He Comes)
1.9 My Wife
1.10 One Law (Album Mix)
1.11 Living the Dream Part 1

Members: One Law

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