Memories of Old: The Zeramin Game

Memories of Old: The Zeramin Game
Title: The Zeramin Game
Label: Limb Music

WHAT STARTED AS A ONE-MAN-PROJECT EVEN AROUSED THE INTEREST OF SABATON/MAJESTICA GUITARIST TOMMY JOHANSSON, WHO QUICKLY DECLARED HIMSELF A MEMBER OF Memories of Old AND, AS THE YEARS WENT BY, RECORDED THE VOCAL TRACKS ONE BY ONE. THE ZERAMIN GAME" DELIVERS A FIREWORK OF SONGS THAT FANS OF EPIC SYMPHONIE POWER METAL WILL ENTHUSIASTICALLY EMBRACE! THE COMPOSITIONS ARE CRISPLY PRODUCED, UP TO DATE, AND SIMPLY MONUMENTAL. Epic Symphonie Power Metal is a style that has neither too many friends in the UK nor are there many bands which tend to indulge in this more Scandinavian or ltalian genre. Nevertheless, a certain Billy Jeffs discovered a passion for this genre and started working an an album in 2017. Three years later, with his new band Memories of Old, he now presents an album that impressively reflects the entire spectrum of this genre.

1.1 In Exordium
1.2 Overture
1.3 The Land of Xia
1.4 Zera's Shadow
1.5 Some Day Soon
1.6 Destiny
1.7 Acorss the Seas
1.8 Arrival
1.9 A Hooded Traveler
1.10 Fowlen's Revenge
1.11 The Zeremin Game
1.12 Finale
1.13 The Architect's Eyes

Memories of Old: The Zeramin Game

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