Memory Tapes

Memory Tapes: Player Piano

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Artist: Memory Tapes

Artist: Memory Tapes
Title: Player Piano

PLAYER PIANO is the second full length from Davye Hawks Memory Tapes. It was, like it's predecessor, the highly acclaimed SEEK MAGIC, recorded at Dayves home studio in rural New Jersey, where he juggles looking after his young daughter and being a musician. Dayve is already working on Memory Tapes third album, which is going to be a "space rock, kind of Black Sabbath" guitar based set.

1.1 Musicbox (In)
1.2 Wait in the Dark
1.3 Today Is Our Life
1.4 Yes I Know
1.5 Offers
1.6 Humming
1.7 Sunhits
1.8 Worries
1.9 Fell Thru Ice
1.10 Fell Thru Ice II
1.11 Trance Sisters
1.12 Musicbox (Out)
2.1 [Untitled]
2.2 [Untitled]
2.3 [Untitled]
2.4 [Untitled]
2.5 [Untitled]
2.6 [Untitled]
2.7 [Untitled]
2.8 [Untitled]

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