Men Women & Children

Men Women & Children: Men, Women and Children

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Title: Men, Women and Children
Label: Reprise / WEA

The self-titled debut album from new-wave/dance/punk/funk ensemble Men, Women & Children is an ambitious, infectious, over-the-top and liberating spectacle. On stage, the band puts on a show-bubbles, lasers and more. On album, Men, Women & Children is fresh and different, inspired by everything from Prince and Earth, Wind & Fire to Devo. Men, Women & Children is a reminder that rock can be fun. Warner. 2006.

1.1 Dance in My Blood
1.2 Lightning Strikes Twice in New York
1.3 Photosynthesis (We're Losing O2)
1.4 Who Found Mister Fabolous?
1.5 Messy
1.6 At Night I Like to Fight
1.7 Monkey Monkee Men
1.8 Time for the Future (Bang Bang)
1.9 Name of the Train Is the Hurricane
1.10 Celebracion
1.11 Sell Your Money
1.12 Vowels

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