Mental Cruelty

Mental Cruelty: Pereat Mundus

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Artist: Mental Cruelty

Artist: Mental Cruelty
Title: Pereat Mundus

Mental Cruelty displays the benighted conflict between the human race and the place of chaos it's living on, while unholy sickness is spreading it's roots towards the deepest core of misery. „Pereat Mundus" is a 5 track EP illustrating an oppression for your ears filled with lyrical confrontation of human extinction and false religious beliefs, brought to live through the purest form of profanity. Supported by the most brutal and atmospheric guitar riffs and annihilating drumfire, the big variety of guttural vocals penetrates your sense of hearing as evil as never before. With it's music Mental Cruelty creates a self-lacerating torment that has never been there before.

1.1 Oppressionis Potentia
1.2 Master of the Void
1.3 Human Evisceration
1.4 Excruciation (Feat. Dennis of Gutrectomy)
1.5 Seed of Evil

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