Mercyless: Coloured Funeral

Mercyless: Coloured Funeral
Title: Coloured Funeral
Label: Xenokorp

Even though it was only their second full-length, the album was showcasing an even more mature band with a personality of it's very own, still keeping the intricate song-structures, dark lyrical themes, unique riffing and both the brutal blasting parts and catchy melodies of their debut but pushing it all to the next level with a bit more progressive approach resulting in an even darker ambience and even more intricate structures. European tours and gigs with legends such as DEATH, GRAVE, SAMAEL, TIAMAT, UNLEASHED and more quickly ensued before Mercyless entered the studio again to record what would become the album's follow-up, 1996's "C. O. L. D. ". Twenty-four years later, it was more than time this masterpiece of Death Metal gets a respectful yet up-to-date reissue which is what the new edition released as part of the XENOKORP Kvlt Series offers with a careful remaster by renowned Conkrete Studio (DEFEATED SANITY, ANATA, PUTRID OFFAL... ), classic pictures, flyers and more and the "part 2" of the Mercyless story / interview series with founding frontman Max Otero by journalist Olivier "Zoltar" Badin (Terrorizer Magazine) both on CD and, for the first time ever on vinyl, with both a specific new master and deluxe packagings (Gatefold for the vinyl, DigiPak for the CD). Featuring two classic gigs from 1994 as CD2, the 1000 copies limited edition first press double DigiPak CD will also come as an even more limited edition, the "Mailorder Collector Edition" reserved to XenoKorp. Com customers, limited to 100 hand-numbered copies bundled with an exclusive bonus CD single titled "Spiral of Flowers 2017" featuring a newly re-recorded version of the classic "Coloured Funeral" opening track and a modern live rendition of the very same song from 2014. Welcome to the funerals!

1.1 Spiral of Flowers
1.2 Mirrors of Melancholy
1.3 Travel Through a Strange Emotion
1.4 Forgotten Fragments
1.5 Contemplations
1.6 Agrazabeth
1.7 Serenades... (Into Your Limbs)
1.8 Naked Forms
1.9 Beyond God
2.1 Without Christ
2.2 Contemplations
2.3 Serenades... (Into Your Limbs)
2.4 Naked Forms
2.5 Abject Offerings
2.6 Mirrors of Melancholy
2.7 Selected Resurrection
2.8 Travel Through a Strange Emotion
2.9 Without Christ
2.10 Contemplations
2.11 Naked Forms
2.12 Abject Offerings
2.13 A Message for All Those Who Died
2.14 Substance of Purity

Mercyless: Coloured Funeral

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