Mesarthim: Vacuum Solution

Mesarthim: Vacuum Solution
Title: Vacuum Solution
Label: Avantgarde Music

We left Mesarthim in 2020, with the conclusion of the first part of their outer space musical concept, recollected in full in the Phase One limited tapes box set. The anonymous Australian duo is now back with their unique mixture of atmospheric black metal and electronic beats, to start a new trip, of which Vacuum Solution is the first chapter. A Vacuum Solution, in general relativity, is a Lorentzian manifold whose Einstein tensor vanishes identically. Good luck with understanding the meaning of this without being a physicist. Enter phase II.

1.1 Vacuum Solution
1.2 Matter and Energy
1.3 Heliocentric Orbit
1.4 A Manipulation of Numbers
1.5 Absence

Mesarthim: Vacuum Solution

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