Meshuggah: Immutable

Meshuggah: Immutable
Title: Immutable
Label: Atomic Fire
Product Type: VINYL LP

2022 brings the release of the Swedish icons' most fearlessly creative studio album yet. Full of surprises and yet instantly recognizable as the work of metal's most idiosyncratic force, Immutable redefines and redesigns the Meshuggah sound across more than an hour of the most stimulating and absorbing music the band have ever made. Despite the challenges of the last couple of years, the progressive principles that have always informed their artistic efforts remain as cherished as ever. As we spiral towards a dystopian future, Meshuggah still stands alone.

1.1 Broken Cog
1.2 The Abysmal Eye
1.3 Light The Shortening Fuse
1.4 Phantoms
1.5 Ligature Marks
1.6 God He Sees In Mirrors
1.7 They Move Below
1.8 Kaleidoscope
1.9 Black Cathedral
1.10 I Am That Thirst
1.11 The Faultless
1.12 Armies Of The Preposterous
1.13 Past Tense

Meshuggah: Immutable

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