Messiaen / Left Coast Chamber Ensemble

Messiaen / Left Coast Chamber Ensemble: Quartet for the End of Time

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Product Type: CD

Title: Quartet for the End of Time
Label: Avie

The provocative and beguiling Left Coast Chamber Ensemble (LCCE) comprises the crème de la crème of the San Francisco Bay Area's musicians. Their motto: nothing is out of bounds, and anything is possible. Presenters of all types of music including small ensemble, vocal, orchestral, multi-media and operatic, a select group comes together for this recording of Olivier Messiaen's seminal chamber work, Quartet for the End of Time. Written during the composer's confinement in World War II, he maintained hope, expressing, "The abyss is Time with it's sadness, it's weariness. The birds are the opposite... our desire for light, for stars, for rainbows, and for jubilant songs." LCCE co-founder and prize-winning composer Kurt Rohde echoes this sentiment in his Messiaen-inspired one wing for violin and piano, heard here in it's world-premiere recording.

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