Messiah's Kiss

Messiah's Kiss: Get Your Bulls Out

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Messiah's Kiss

Title: Get Your Bulls Out
Label: Soulfood

Get Your Bulls Out, twists things up a bit, combining their heavy metal with late Eighties American hard rock. There's still heavy and sharp riffage, and plenty of the speed of power metal, but you can hear more groove and bounce amidst the melody.

1.1 Livin in Paradise
1.2 Immortal Memory
1.3 Rescue Anyone? Rescue Me!
1.4 Survivor (Take a Ride on My Heels)
1.5 Time to Say Goodbye
1.6 Only Murderers Kill Time
1.7 Fuel for Life
1.8 Mission to Kill
1.9 Symphony of Sin
1.10 Nobody Knows Your Name
1.11 Who's the First to Die
1.12 Whisper a Prayer
1.13 Without Forgiveness
1.14 Buried Alive
1.15 Only Murderers Kill Time (Acoustic Version)
1.16 It's No Good

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