Meth.: Mother Of Red Light

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Meth.

Title: Mother Of Red Light
Label: Prosthetic Records

METH. Mother of Red Light - "Fill Me," starts things off quite nicely, with some sharp twisting turns and an interesting diversion here and there which brings things full circle. "Child Of God," is chaotic and dangerous. "Swallowed Conscience," is another song that veers from one moment to the next without a clear decision. "Her Womb Lays Still," is frenetic and energetic. "Inbred," pounds away. - "Cold Prayers," slows things down but adds in a dangerous melody here and there. "Psalm Of Life," takes an interesting and divergent twist, bringing with it some fascinating reaches. "Return Me," is a pounding, unmitigated master shred. "The Walls, They Whisper," is bombastic.

1.1 Failure
1.2 Child of God
1.3 Swallowed Conscience
1.4 Her Womb Lays Still
1.5 Inbred
1.6 Cold Prayers
1.7 Psalm of Life
1.8 Return Me (My Body)
1.9 The Walls, They Whisper

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