Mew: Visuals

Mew: Visuals
Title: Visuals
Label: Pias America

2017 release, the Danish alternative rock band's 7th album, and follow up to their critically-acclaimed album, + -[Plus Minus]. Mew frontman Jonas Bjerre has worked on the projections for the band's live shows since their early days. Usually, the Danish trio finish an album and Bjerre gets to work on the visuals. For their seventh record, though, the singer decided to turn things upside down, working on the visuals first and seeing if they informed the music. The resultant record feels like a culmination for one of rock's most ambitious and inventive groups: Visuals is where Bjerre and his bandmates, bassist Johan Wohlert and drummer Silas Utke Graae Jørgensen, join the dots of a career that has spanned over two decades. Visuals is Mew at their most compact, their chemistry at it's most potent. With only one song over five minutes, it's their most concise album. Bjerre says there was no need for a grand, overarching concept. Each song on Visuals represents it's own little chapter and story: nothing needed to be overly long. Twenty years into their career, Mew have the irrepressible ebullience of a band on their debut album. Visuals feels like the beginning of a new chapter.

1.1 And Nothingness No Regrets (4: 27)
1.2 The Wake of Your Life (4: 41)
1.3 Candy Pieces All Smeared Out (3: 37)
1.4 A Better Place (4: 40)
1.5 Ay Ay Ay (3: 41)
1.6 Learn Our Crystals (5: 21)
1.7 Twist Quest (3: 19)
1.8 Shoulders (2: 53)
1.9 85 Videos (4: 37)
1.10 Zanzibar (2: 04)
1.11 Carry Me to Safety (4: 27)

Mew: Visuals

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