Mezzanine: Novella

Mezzanine: Novella
Title: Novella
Label: Firestarter

Channeling the ghost of a time when rock was straight up and actually meant something, Mezzanine have an attitude that pretension dares not fondle. They energize and humanize the Perth music landscape with power chords and passion, drawing teeth from the likes of Thurston Moore, Anton Newcombe and Stephen Morrissey. A self professed loud and energetic combo, they play each show like it's the last 30 minutes of their lives. They put pen to Pro Tools in February 2011, emerging with their first Extended Player, Novella. The hemorrhage inducing opening stanza Can't Feel a Thing smacks you in the face with the best guitar riff you've never heard since never, before taking you on a dark and turbulent ride filled with autobiographical lust and deep cuts of deprecation. Heavy guitars and pulsing rhythms provide the backdrop for singer Cory John Rist exhausting all emotion, void of irony.

1.1 Can't Feel a Thing
1.2 Novella
1.3 The Guardian
1.4 Apologise

Mezzanine: Novella

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