Mfsb: Philadelphia Freedom

Mfsb: Philadelphia Freedom
Title: Philadelphia Freedom
Label: Sony Mod

The Philadelphia International Records house-band MFSB, a roster-changing, style-swapping outfit that's backed up the best bands in the world for decades, released this fourth cut in 1975. Featuring Bobby Eli, Earl Young, Anthony Jackson and many more, the 11 songs on here are an incredible collection of disco and soul hits. This product is an authorized manufactured on demand CD-R

1.1 Zach's Fanfare #2
1.2 Get Down with the Philly Sound
1.3 Philadelphia Freedom
1.4 South Philly
1.5 Ferry Avenue
1.6 Interlude I
1.7 When Your Love Is Gone
1.8 Morning Tears
1.9 Brothers and Sisters
1.10 Smile Happy
1.11 The Zip

Mfsb: Philadelphia Freedom

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