Mgmt: Late Night Tales

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Mgmt

Title: Late Night Tales
Label: Late Night Tales

The LATE NIGHT TALES series was launched in 2001. The idea: pick an internationally known artist with a great musical knowledge, offer them the chance to choose and mix all their favorite "home listening" and musically inspiring tracks, together with an exclusive cover recording of an all-time favorite song. 24 albums and over 1 million sales later, LATE NIGHT TALES is proud to present MGMT to the decade old series.

1.1 Can't See Through It
1.2 Love You Girl
1.3 Cheree
1.4 Stop ; Smell the Roses
1.5 Ocean [Version]
1.6 Red Indians
1.7 Laughing Boy
1.8 For Belgian Friends
1.9 Mound of Clay
1.10 Song for Wilde
1.11 All We Ever Wanted Was Everything [Version]
1.12 Troubled Mind
1.13 Drug Song
1.14 Hearts Are Like Flowers
1.15 Pink Frost
1.16 Sparks
1.17 Melancholy Man
1.18 Lord Can You Hear Me?
1.19 Morning Splendour
1.20 Lost for Words Pt. 2
1.21 MGMT Late Night Tales Continuous Mix

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