Mia Doi Todd: Music For A Midsummer Night'S Dream (Original Soundtrack)

Mia Doi Todd: Music For A Midsummer Night&
Title: Music For A Midsummer Night'S Dream (Original Soundtrack)
Label: City Zen Records

Music for A Midsummer Night's Dream" features selections composed and produced by singer-songwriter Mia Doi Todd from the soundtrack and score to "A Midsummer Night's Dream," a new film adaptation of Shakespeare's classic play, updated to modern-day Los Angeles. Directed by Casey Wilder Mott, the film begins it's nationwide theatrical release in Landmark Theaters on July 13th, 2018. "A Midsummer Night's Dream" also guest stars Mia as Titania, the Fairy Queen, opposite Saul Williams as Oberon, the Fairy King. "Music for A Midsummer Night's Dream" includes two duets between Saul and Mia, as well as appearances by Tunde Adebimpe (of TV On The Radio), electronic artist Dntel (of The Postal Service), the Swedish psych band Dungen, legendary Mexican folk/experimental musician Luis Pérez Ixoneztli, and the esteemed composer, arranger and viola player Miguel Atwood-Ferguson (Suite for Ma Dukes, Flying Lotus, Kamasi Washington). Creating this soundtrack and score allowed Mia an opportunity to collaborate with these unique artists, as well as to explore a variety of different musical genres, in the whimsical spirit of the film. Most lyrics are taken directly from the original text of the play, though sometimes edited and rearranged. As proof of it's timelessness, Shakespeare's inimitable language finds itself perfectly at ease in this contemporary context. More than just an orchestration of the text, "Music for A Midsummer Night's Dream" also takes it's own musical journey and, in the process, further widens the reach of Mia's artistic explorations.

1.1 Earthly Happiness
1.2 Titania Saxophonica
1.3 Swifter Than
1.4 Fly This Place
1.5 Forest Creatures
1.6 Philomel with Melody
1.7 Great Love Theme in Flute
1.8 Mulberries
1.9 Fairy Time
1.10 Through This House
1.11 Great Love
1.12 We Are Love

Mia Doi Todd: Music For A Midsummer Night'S Dream (Original Soundtrack)

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