Michael Lewin: Complete Piano Works 1

Michael Lewin: Complete Piano Works 1
Title: Complete Piano Works 1
Label: Naxos American

The music of Charles Tomlinson Griffes has a place in musicians', and especially pianists', hearts out of all proportion to it's quantity. Michael Lewin has recorded the complete piano music of Griffes on two CDs, of which this is the first. On this CD there are relatively familiar works, such as the Roman Sketches and Sonata, alongside yet-to-be published rarities, such as a charming transcription of Offenbach's Barcarolle, and a lovely Chopin like Prelude dating from the young composer's fifteenth year (he was to die, alas, only two decades later).

1.1 Son: I. Feroce; Allegrettl Con Moto
1.2 Son: II. Molto Tranquillo
1.3 Son: III. Allegro Vivace
1.4 Three Tone-Pictures, Op.5: The Lake at Evening
1.5 Three Tone-Pictures, Op.5: The Vale of Dreams
1.6 Three Tone-Pictures, Op.5: The Night Winds
1.7 Tempo Rubato
1.8 Roman Sketches, Op.7: The White Peacock
1.9 Roman Sketches, Op.7: Nightfall
1.10 Roman Sketches, Op.7: The Fountains of Acqua Paola
1.11 Roman Sketches, Op.7: Clouds
1.12 A Winter Landscape: Lento E Mesto
1.13 Rhap in B: W. Great Freedom
1.14 Offenbach's 'Les Contes D'hoffmann': Barcarolle ('Belle Nuit, O Nuit D'amour')
1.15 Legend in F#: Moderato
1.16 PRLD in B: Andante

Michael Lewin: Complete Piano Works 1

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