Michna: Thousand Thursday

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Artist: Michna

Artist: Michna
Title: Thousand Thursday
Product Type: VINYL LP

Are we all tired of the "[Artist] Returns After [Number] Years in Obscurity" headline yet? Because Michna sure is. Nearly seven years following the NYC DJ/producer's debut album for Ghostly, Magic Monday, he's finished the official follow up to that record, but Adrian Yin Michna doesn't want to overstate what happened in the interim. "Life just moves," he starts casually, "there's been a lot going on." DJ gigs, music production for video games and commercials, and film scoring have kept him busy, along with a healthy balance of painting, biking, and other non-musical endeavors.

1.1 Cherry 2000
1.2 Solid Gold (Feat. MNDR)
1.3 Nuroq Legacy
1.4 Time Will Tell
1.5 Jace the Mind Sculptor
1.6 Increasing Ambition
1.7 Believe in It Pt. II
1.8 She Exists in My Mind
1.9 Skyway T/A
1.10 Death Pits of Rath

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