Mick Barr

Mick Barr: Blespec (Spathages) / Worthhnt (Rust Mine)

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Artist: Mick Barr

Artist: Mick Barr
Title: Blespec (Spathages) / Worthhnt (Rust Mine)
Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE

Extremely limited seven inch vinyl pressing. On "Blespec (Spathages)" b/w "Worthhnt (Rust Mine)", Mick Barr unleashes two technically masterful and dynamic tracks that straddle the progressive metal aand free jazz genres. Both feature only Barr's maniacally fast guitar shredding and screamed vocals. This single is truly thrilling and sure to satisfy any fan of Mick Barr's solo output, his work with bands like Ocrilim, Octis, and Orthrelm, or any of his numerous collaborative efforts.

1.1 Blespac (Spathages) - Mick Barr
1.2 Worthnt (Rust Mine) - Mick Barr

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