Mighty Sparrow: Volume One

Mighty Sparrow: Volume One
Title: Volume One
Label: Ice Records

This is a sterling album that not only takes me back to my childhood but also examines one the most famous exponents of this artform. THe songs are still as lyrical, poignent and accessible as when they written. Funny clever and entertaining just listen and you fall in love all over again

1.1 Jean and Dinah
1.2 Jack Palance
1.3 Robbery with V
1.4 Don't Go Joe
1.5 Our Model Nation
1.6 Dan Is the Man (In the Van)
1.7 Sparrow Come Back Home
1.8 Congo Man
1.9 Federation
1.10 Calypso Twist
1.11 Obeah Wedding
1.12 No Money No Love
1.13 Govenor's Ball

Mighty Sparrow: Volume One

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