Mika Miko

Mika Miko: We Be Xuxa

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Mika Miko

Title: We Be Xuxa
Label: PPM

Formed from the ashes of Dead Banana Landies in 2003. Never polished, always urgent and catchy, they somehow conduct a current take on the old emotions of great punk rock bands that came before them, such as the blistered energy of Redd Cross and early Legal Weapon, the charming shrillness of Lilliput and Rubella Ballet, and the ferocity of the Adolescents. On their second full-length, they expand on their remarkable songwriting skills, mixing great riffs with simple ideas and melody with speed while sending you into a mind melting frenzy.

1.1 Blues Not Speed
1.2 Turkey Sandwich
1.3 Wildbore
1.4 Sex
1.5 Totion
1.6 On the Rise
1.7 Beat the Rush
1.8 Johnson R Cool
1.9 Sex Jazz
1.10 Keep on Calling
1.11 Turky Barntard Mix
1.12 Turkey Barnyard Mix

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