Cronin, Mikal: McIii

Mikal Cronin: McIii
Title: McIii
Label: Merge Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

Mikal Cronin returns with MCIII. Marked by the lush arrangements, stunning melodies, and deeply personal lyrical work for which Cronin is now known, the album is also a deliberate attempt to simply 'go big.' As he did on his self-titled 2011 debut and 2013's MCII, Cronin arranged and played nearly all of the record himself, including the tzouras, a traditional Greek string instrument he heard and subsequently bought while on tour in Athens. There's French horn, saxophone, and trumpet. There are mood-altering crescendos and heartbreaking turns-of-phrase, guitars both gorgeous and pugnacious. No longer satisfied with the sound of 'just one string player,' Cronin arranged parts for a full string quartet instead. 'It's a continuation of what I've been trying to do up until now, but I'm finding a better way to do it,' he says. 'I'm finding a more successful way of working those unexpected elements and textures and instruments into a rock record, of exploring that wormhole and mashing everything together harmoniously. I like riding the line between the two,' he adds. 'I like finding new ways to bring different musical worlds together.'

1.1 Turn Around
1.2 Made My Mind Up
1.3 Say
1.4 Feel Like
1.5 I've Been Loved
2.1 Bi Alone
2.2 Bii Gold
2.3 Biii Control
2.4 Biv Ready
2.5 BV Different
2.6 Circle

Cronin, Mikal: McIii

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