Miko Tolliver: Attack Of The Kittie Perm

Miko Tolliver: Attack Of The Kittie Perm
Title: Attack Of The Kittie Perm
Label: Kittie Perm

Attack Of The Kittie Perm is the 2016 electro-pop and soul alternative monster from songwriter Miko Tolliver, written like an adventure movie and recorded like a layered recipe for romance, mild twerking and electric riffs. The first single, "Purr (Taste It Then Repeat...)" was inspired by a visit to the New Orleans bounce music scene while the raunchy lyrics come from a summer long phase of listening to Die Antwoord, the South African rap-rave group. The monster theme is Miko's alter-ego witch persona, Kittie Perm. Like a dark side halo, the color purple is the calling card of her witch magick as she blends lyrics with light hearted sex appeal like in her song "Heaters & Fans" which is a ragtime Amy Winehouse "Fuck Me Pumps" inspiration in the vain of Shug Avery.

1.1 Aqueous
1.2 Everything I Do Is So Amazing
1.3 The Purple Witch
1.4 Who We Are
1.5 Attack of Me
1.6 Right Here
1.7 Purr (Taste It Then Repeat...)
1.8 Doors ; Hearts
1.9 Ulterior Motives
1.10 Love Is a Gamble
1.11 Heaters ; Fans

Miko Tolliver: Attack Of The Kittie Perm

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