Miranda Lee Richards

Miranda Lee Richards: Existential Beast

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Artist: Miranda Lee Richards
Title: Existential Beast
Product Type: VINYL LP

Hot on the heels of Echoes Of The Dreamtime, Miranda returns with herfourth full-length studio album, Existential Beast, eight songs of 'Psychedelic Chamber Folk Rock' finding the diamonds in the dust of everyday life and the relationships within. Miranda is an American singer-songwriter from San Francisco. Kirk Hammett of Metallicataught Richards a few songs on guitar and then she went on to work with Suzanne Vega, Tricky, and the Jesus and Mary Chain. Miranda was a member of the Brian Jonestown Massacre and she sang the hit Anemone on their debut album. Her first album The Herethereafter was released by Virgin Records in 2001 and Light Of X followed in 2008 on Nettwerk Records. Her most recent, in 2016, has raised Miranda's profile with her receiving fantastic press and rave review live performances.

1.1 Side Ashes and Seeds
1.2 The Wildwood
1.3 Lucid I Would Dream
1.4 Golden Gate
1.5 Back to the Source
1.6 Autumn Sunsideexistential Beast
1.7 Oh Raven
1.8 On the Inside
1.9 Another World

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