Misanthrope Ca

Misanthrope Ca: Deathbridge

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Misanthrope Ca

Artist: Misanthrope Ca
Title: Deathbridge
Product Type: VINYL LP

Misanthrope CA present Deathbridge. Misanthrope CA is the black metal influenced formation by artist and photographer Robert Kulisek and David Lieske aka Carsten Jost, co-owner of Dial Records. After their first limited tape reedition Amerika (2015), Deathbridge is a full-length album recorded in the Hamptons, New York, in collaboration with the Oslo gallery "VI, VII". David Lieske always had a huge fascination for true black metal, reflected now in the wonderfully dark Misanthrope CA recordings.

1.1 The Calling of the Hamptons Wolf
1.2 Remember the Fallen Hamptonites
1.3 Evil
1.4 Deathbridge
1.5 Through Coldest Waters
1.6 The Dead Hate the Living
1.7 Sensation of Drowning
1.8 A Rupture in the Grave
1.9 Living the Darkness
1.10 High Tide Wash the Blood Away

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