Mistheria: Dragon Fire

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Mistheria

Title: Dragon Fire
Label: Lion Music

2010 album from the Metal keyboard virtuoso. Home to 13 tracks of full on Metal pomposity, this is music crafted around stirring vocal melodies and impassioned first class musicianship. The virtuoso meter of the personnel involved sets a new standard and fans of artists such as Symphony X, Malmsteen and Artension will find this a sheer musical delight. The vocalists featured on this album include John West (Artension/Royal Hunt), Rob Rock (Impellitteri), Mark Boals (Malmsteen/Ring of Fire/Royal Hunt), Lance King (Balance of Power) and Titta Tani (ex Astra / Ashent). Lion Music.

1.1 Dragon Fire
1.2 Lies ; Deception
1.3 Killing the Pain
1.4 Two of Us
1.5 Metal Opera Pt.1: A.D.1982
1.6 Metal Opera Pt.2: Eye of the Storm
1.7 Now It's Never
1.8 Fire ; Flames
1.9 Prelude 18 in F Min
1.10 Chopin Fantasy
1.11 The Power of One
1.12 The Beast
1.13 A Beautiful Dream

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