Mitch Miller: It's Miller Time/Join The Party

Mitch Miller: It&
Title: It's Miller Time/Join The Party
Label: Jasmine Music

UK two CD collection. Mitch Miller made one of the most dramatic impacts in Pop music of the '50s, having "discovered" such names as Patti Page, Tony Bennett, Rosemary Clooney, the Four Lads, Johnnie Ray, Champ Butler and Johnny Mathis, This first rate compilation includes all of his greatest hits, such as: "The Yellow Rose of Texas", "Tzena, Tzena, Tzena". "Song for a Summer Night", "March from the River Kwai", "Lisbon Antigua", "Meet Mr. Callaghan", "The Children's Marching Song", and "Under Paris Skies", as well as rare singles and album tracks debuting on CD. Anyone with an appreciation for the music of the '50s and early '60s should consider this spectacular release. Jasmine. 2011.

1.1 The Yellow Rose of Texas
1.2 Song for a Summer Night
1.3 Song for a Summer Night
1.4 Tzena, Tzena, Tzena
1.5 Autumn Leaves
1.6 Tira Lira Madiera
1.7 Willie Can
1.8 March from the River Kwai and Colonel Bogey
1.9 Blackberry Winter
1.10 Silly Little Tune
1.11 Sabrina
1.12 Java
1.13 Song of the Sparrow
1.14 The Bowery Grenadiers
1.15 Greensleeves
1.16 Lisbon Antigua (In Old Lisbon)
1.17 The Sleigh
1.18 How Strange
1.19 Wooden Shoes and Happy Hearts
1.20 Song for the Ninth Day
1.21 A Very Special Love (Song of the Ninth Day)
1.22 Under Paris Skies
1.23 Meet Mister Callaghan
1.24 The Children's Marching Song
1.25 Song of Delilah
1.26 Keep Me in Mind
1.27 Who Will Kiss Your Ruby Lips
1.28 Kalamazoo to Timbuktu
1.29 Au Revoir Again
1.30 Sing Along
1.31 Hey Little Baby
1.32 Bonnie Eloise
1.33 Hey, Betty Martin
1.34 I'll Be with You in Apple Blossom Time
1.35 Beer Barrel Polka
1.36 Don't Fence Me in
1.37 Oriental Polka
1.38 Ginny, My Joy
1.39 Whistle Stop
1.40 Do-Re-Mi
1.41 Dixie
1.42 I'm Goin' Back to Dixie
1.43 I'm Goin' Back to Dixie
1.44 Battle Hymn of the Republic
1.45 Yankee Doodle / the Girl I Left Behind Me
1.46 Home on the Range
1.47 She Wore a Yellow Ribbon
1.48 President on the Dollar
1.49 Comin' Through the Rye
1.50 There's a Long, Long Trail
1.51 Be a Santa
1.52 Must Be Santa
1.53 Till We Meet Again
1.54 Walkin' Down to Washington
1.55 Follow Me
1.56 Do-Re-Me
1.57 Loch Lomond March
1.58 Jubilation T. Cornpone
1.59 When Day Is Done

Mitch Miller: It's Miller Time/Join The Party

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