Mob Rules: Radical Peace

Mob Rules: Radical Peace
Title: Radical Peace
Label: Afm Records

2009 release, the sixth studio album from the German melodic Metal band. Mob Rules are a prime example that this style of music has to offer far more than cliché and platitudes. Radical Peace presents a multitude of stylistic variations and effective surprises in a genre that clearly and knowingly is not watered-down with pseudo modern frippery. Mainly the closely connected interaction of deep melodic singing, two powerful guitars, atmospheric keyboard passages and a pressing fundamental rhythm is hardly found with any other European band. Beyond that, Mob Rules have established a very good reputation with their five previous albums: With critical lyrics about environmental pollution, the politics of the Catholic Church in medieval times or about alarming political situations in the Middle East on the early albums, Mob Rules shine once more with fascinating and witty stories.

1.1 Children of the Flames
1.2 Trial By Fire
1.3 Warchild
1.4 Astral Hand
1.5 Chapter I (Prologue)
1.6 Chapter II (Desperate Son)
1.7 Chapter III (11:30 A.M.)
1.8 Chapter IV (Unnecessary Doubt?)
1.9 Chpater V (A Dead Mans Face)
1.10 Chapter VI (Did You Reach the Sun?)
1.11 Waiting for the Sun
1.12 The Glance of Fame

Mob Rules: Radical Peace

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