Moist Paula

Moist Paula: Actually Electric Experiments & Adventures On Ewi

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Product Type: CASSETTES
Artist: Moist Paula

Artist: Moist Paula
Title: Actually Electric Experiments & Adventures On Ewi
Product Type: CASSETTES

CASSETTE. NYC bari sax player Moist Paula has, in between touring internationally with Burnt Sugar Arkestra, Nick Waterhouse, C.W. Stoneking and Melvin Van Peebles and playing weekly shows at home with Rev. Vince Anderson & His Love Choir and Binky Griptite Orchestra, been making eerie ambient electronica on EWI (Electronic Wind Instrument - it's a synthesizer in a saxophone!) In addition to performing solo and in a variety of combos live on EWI, she has released two EPs, Moist Paula's Electric Embouchere - Early EWI Experiments and Actually Galactic - Moist Paula's Ongoing Adventures On EWI. The 2 EPs are now combined as an album on cassette, Moist Paula - Actually Electric Experiments and Adventures on EWI, and the instrumental compositions, which range in subject matter from insomnia to the sonic nature of stardust are living comfortably side by side thanks to Personal Affair.

1.1 Earthbound Turnaround
1.2 Methane Main Man
1.3 We Always Fought on Thanksgiving
1.4 Awake Against One's Will
1.5 Weather Warlock
1.6 I Dream of Dreams on Wheels
1.7 Riskily
1.8 Trick or Treat Suite
1.9 #Aestheticalien
1.10 Fall of Fifteen
1.11 Actually Galactic"

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