Moloken: Unveilance Of Dark Matter

Moloken: Unveilance Of Dark Matter
Title: Unveilance Of Dark Matter
Label: Sign Records

Moloken - Unveilance Of Dark Matter - A multi-pronged vocal attack is one constant on Unveilance of Dark Matter, pulling heartstrings apart at their roots and painting a hundred pictures with a dozen or so hoarse, unfiltered sentences. Paired with some wonderfully placed call-and-response chants, the scratchy attack of the vocal tracking is a perfect complement to the rest of the sounds. The production and clarity of each instrument see to that. It's only on the filler tracks where the record feels like it isn't being performed live in the space between your ears.

1.1 This Love Is A Curse
1.2 Surcease
1.3 Shadowcastle (Pt. I)
1.4 No Ease, No Rest
1.5 Hollow Caress
1.6 Venom Love
1.7 Repressed
1.8 Lingering Demise
1.9 Unbearable
1.10 One Last Breath
1.11 Unveilance of Dark Matter

Moloken: Unveilance Of Dark Matter

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