Momus: Create I - Procreate

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Artist: Momus

Artist: Momus
Title: Create I - Procreate

2018 three CD set. Cherry Red Records are very proud to be working together with Momus again, following on from the success of their 2016 collaboration, Pubic Intellectual - An Anthology 1986-2016. Named after the Greek god of mockery, Momus is prolific Scottish songwriter, author and journalist Nick Currie, who has now been releasing critically acclaimed music in a style all of his own for over thirty years. Momus' first three classic albums for Creation Records have now been compiled together in one very attractive package by Cherry Red Records, combining this already genius material with a selection of fantastic bonus tracks selected by Momus himself and this set features the fabled Indie smash - 'Hairstyle Of The Devil'. The Poison Boyfriend, along with much of Momus' musical output, received high praise upon it's initial release, with the NME naming it one of the best albums of 1987, and Fact Magazine later calling the release the 81st best album of the 1980s. All three of the albums contained in this package sound as fresh today as they did upon their first release, and this package is sure to please hardcore Momus followers and new fans alike. The entire package has been lovingly digitally remastered especially for this release. Contains enthralling and revealing sleeve notes by fellow musician, author of The Walker Brothers, Jeff Buckley and Leonard Cohen biographies, and past Momus-collaborator Anthony J Reynolds. Booklet also contains an extra-special foreword by Momus.

1.1 The Gatecrasher
1.2 Violets
1.3 Islington John
1.4 Three Wars
1.5 Flame Into Being
1.6 Situation Comedy Blues
1.7 Sex for the Disabled
1.8 Closer to You
1.9 Ballad of the Barrel Organist
1.10 Third Party, Fire and Theft
1.11 Hotel Marquis de Sade
2.1 The Angels Are Voyeurs
2.2 Love on Ice
2.3 I Was a Maoist Intellectual
2.4 The Homosexual
2.5 Bishonen
2.6 A Complete History of Sexual Jealousy
2.7 Ice King
2.8 In the Sanatorium
2.9 The Charm of Innocence
2.10 The Angels Are Voyeurs (Reprise)
2.11 Righthand Heart (Acoustic)
2.12 Murderers, the Hope of Women
2.13 What Will Death Be Like?
2.14 Eleven Executioners
3.1 Trust Me, I'm a Doctor
3.2 Righthand Heart
3.3 Lord of the Dance
3.4 Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous
3.5 How Do You Find My Sister?
3.6 Hairstyle of the Devil
3.7 Don't Stop the Night
3.8 Amongst Women Only
3.9 The Guitar Lesson
3.10 The Cabriolet
3.11 Shaftesbury Avenue
3.12 Morality Is Vanity
3.13 Gilda
3.14 Monsters of Love

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