Momus: Ocky Milk

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Momus

Artist: Momus
Title: Ocky Milk

Picasso, so they say, had to learn to paint like an adult before he could start scrawling like a child. Maybe the same is true for indie veteran Momus, because on his new album Ocky Milk he's gone far beyond the literary singer/songwriter fare of his 90s records (think Tom Lehrer with a laptop). The new record is strange, twilit stuff. Pop songs get fed through Google translation engines then crooned underwater, absurd vaudeville numbers about death accompany a Bonnie Prince Charlie car commercial shot in Japan. The weirdest thing, though, is just how relaxing it ends up feeling. Like having your back scratched as you fall asleep.

1.1 Moop Bears
1.2 Frilly Military
1.3 The Birdcatcher
1.4 Nervous Heartbeat
1.5 Dialtone
1.6 Hang Low
1.7 Permagasm
1.8 Pleasantness
1.9 Devil Mask, Buddha Mind
1.10 700 BC
1.11 Zanzibar
1.12 Count Ossie in China
1.13 Dr Cat
1.14 I Refuse to Die
1.15 Ex-Erotomane

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