Mongrel Country: Mongrel Country

Mongrel Country: Mongrel Country
Title: Mongrel Country
Label: Firestarter

Mongrel Country's self titled release thrives on the dynamic between the contrasting, yet complimentary styles of Max Ducker and Dean Anthonisz. The album has received fantastic reviews from critics and been praised by the press as "relentless" and "unforgettable". Mongrel Country have recently supported Clock cleaner (USA), Six Ft Hick (QLD), Sailors & Swine (VIC) & the Dead South (VIC)

1.1 Smile of the Crocodile
1.2 Skin of the Rhino
1.3 Hogtied
1.4 Jesus, Don't Make Me Kill That Woman
1.5 My Gun Shoots Out Love
1.6 Like An Old Suitcase
1.7 Rivers
1.8 Lost and Endangered

Mongrel Country: Mongrel Country

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