Monique Marvez

Monique Marvez: Reality Chick

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Artist: Monique Marvez

Artist: Monique Marvez
Title: Reality Chick

1.1 You Broke It, You Bought It
1.2 All About Cute
1.3 Freaky Stuff
1.4 Ho in Honesty/Define Chronic
1.5 You Can Not Change a Man
1.6 Whose Side Are You On?
1.7 Mrs. Robinson
1.8 God Is a Bargain Shopper
1.9 Decide Your Sexuality
1.10 It Happened in a Von's
1.11 Einstein of Love
1.12 Men Want 3 Things/Different Forms of Love
1.13 Women Are Insecure/The Bone List
1.14 The 'Ants'
1.15 It Won't Blow Over/Peace Will Be Restored in the Land
1.16 We Need Evidence
1.17 Ballerina Gone Bad
1.18 Choose Your Battles
1.19 Detonation
1.20 Men Are Zen
1.21 Possum Sex
1.22 The Woody Doesn't Lie
1.23 My Dog Is Italian
1.24 Official End of the Fight
1.25 No Bad Oral Sex/Dick Dessert
1.26 3 Best Pieces of Advice

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